Sunday, 24 June 2012

Is Winter your season?

I love Winter. I know many don't, and that's OK, because I get their reasoning. There are so many reasons why Winter is cool, in more than one sense of the word.

I shared with a group of friends recently, my love of snuggling with blankets on the lounge; the whole 4 of us. I then felt the need to share that if I'm not on the lounge snuggling, then I will take my own blanket with me to the computer, and even slip my feet in my fluffy lamb slipper.

The room went a little silent at this point. The friend sitting closest said she will now think of me differently. She is obviously a Summer person.

So I feel the need to explain this a bit more and hopefully bond with other Winter lovers, and let them know it is OK to feel this way.

I will start at the start.

I begin my day by slipping on my fluffy short Ugg Boots. They go with any of my flannelette PJs. I then enjoy my bowl of Hot Oats, with honey. A great way to start the day.
When I dress I am thankful for the season that brings my favourite clothing colours of browns, greys and black. I am also thankful to the art of layering, and enjoy the knits, vests, scarves and hats.
I also love a good boot, as I am not a fan of twinkling my toes for others. Boots make me feel sturdy and confident.

I work indoors, so this makes it easier to like Winter.
My journey to work is often spectacular with the view of Mt Wellington dusted with snow appearing at different stages in the trip. Even the rain patting against my office window is quite welcome as I sit in heated comfort.

I love the foods we enjoy in Winter of soups and casseroles. I also particularly love being able to sit and wrap my hands around a large, steaming mug and enjoy my drink going down, and warming my insides at the end of the day.

Highland Cabins Tasmania
Our family enjoy viewing the snow, and get decked out in our jackets, boots and woollies to set off in the 4WD and enjoy it up close. We might only need to travel half an hour from home to a good covering of snow that is worthy of a snowman and snowball fights. We are also prone to traveling to the Highlands for a day trip, with a stop over at a pub for lunch and to warm ourselves near the large open fire.
We have discovered the joy of staying at one of the many shacks in the Highlands area that are for short-term hire. The sound of the children's shrieks and laughter as they play in the snow is wonderful, and I can never take enough photos. The shacks are decked out with many comforts, and to wake in the morning to falling snow is quite magical.

Here are just a few sites of accommodation in the area:

My favourite Winter day is when you walk out the door and the fresh, crisp air hits you firmly, making your breath cloudy, but then the sun is there to back you up and make you smile. On days like this I can feel the cool air moving through my body and having that feeling of really being alive.

There is much to love about Winter and I'm sure there are others out there who share my joys. I would love to hear from you...

What season is your favourite and why is that?


  1. I need to invest in some more slippers I think, I cut DP's hair yesterday and forgot to take them off. Now they a hairy slippers, and my feet are cold. I would love a pair of those heated vibrating slippers - that would be perfect for under my desk.

    I think I've always been more partial to Winter because growing up we didn't have air-conditioning, and Summers were generally spent sprawled out on the floor in front of a desk fan with a water spray bottle in hand.

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  3. I know this is an older post, but I am pleased to read that I am not alone in liking the cooler part of the year.
    I love being able to rug up, and snuggle under my doona..
    I love having a toasty warm house.
    The youngest of my clan of 7 was saying just the other morning about how he can pretend he is "smoking" on the cold mornings by blowing smoke out his mouth ...

    I too remember the dull and dreary cold days we used to have in the old town I lived ... and where I met you!!

    Keep warm this Winter !!