Sunday, 11 February 2018

Back and ready to update you

I have been absent from here for quite a while. I lost my mojo and there was just too much going on, in life and in my head, to concentrate on blogging. But I am back due to some lovely comments and encouragement from a reader. 

At some point I may post about what has been happening with us, but those posts will take some thought and structure that I don’t have the energy for right now.

So how about we catch up?

Miss 14 (OMG!) has started second year High School and has been dabbling in netball and creating new friends and Master 10(how did we reach this point so soon?) has started his second last year of Primary School and has been enjoying mastering his moves in Mixed Martial Arts and scooter tricks.

I am continuing to play netball weekly, working and trying to find a rhythm. I am enjoying using Essential Oils for mental health and general wellbeing. 

Hubby has been working hard and we have also tried to make the most of long weekends and days off work to enjoy some family time and some down time to relax.

So, in general, that is where we are right now. I want to read back through old posts and perhaps update you on things have progressed. If you want to read about something in particular then I would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Cubby For A Cause

Did you know there was an annual Cubby House Competition in Australia? I sure didn't, but the 2017 Cubby House Challenge is in full swing and 5 teams, made up of leading designers and architects, are using all of their skills and creativity to create 5 amazing cubbies. The result is not only the award for Australia's Best Cubby but much needed funds toward support for youths at risk of homelessness.
The 5 entries are varied, including Kooky Cubby, using 3D printing; Rapunzel Tower, a fairytale-like castle; MySpace, a Minecraft-inspired cube; Chameleon, a Tee Pee inspired Cubby and Glowb, a globe shaped reflective sphere. 
The designs incorporate the ideas of creativity, shelter, fun, enjoyment and the weird and wonderful. The Cubby House Challenge is co-ordinated by Kids Under Cover, a national youth homelessness charity established in 1989. Kids Under Cover works to provide the foundations to strengthen connection to family, community and education to those at-risk youth, aiming to make a lasting difference in their lives. 
The teams shortlisted for the competition showed an understanding and passion in building the best place for children. They bring incredible ideas, clever and creative design and some new technology to the job of building fun and magical places for children to play and grow. 
Kids Under Cover CEO, Jo Swift, says "The funds raised through the auction of these cubbies contribute to the crucial work of Kids a Under Cover. In 2017, our goal is raise a record $150,000. All funds raised are directed towards keeping at-risk young people in contact with their families and networks." Funds raised, this year, go toward investing in relocatable studios for at-risk young people. 
 The 2017 Cubby House Challenge entries are judged for the following awards:
  • Australia's Best Cubby
  • Melbourne's Best Cubby
  • Best Architectural Cubby
  • Best Interior Design Cubby
  • Most Imagainative Cubby
  • Kid's Choice
The judging panel consists of Peter Maddison, Host of Lifestyle Channel's Grand Designs Australia; Joe Snell, Architect and Judge on Channel 7's House Rules; Fiona Lynch, Interior Designer; Lucy Feagins, Editor of The Design Files; Alice Stolz, National Managing Editor at Domain; Dr Justin Coulson, Parenting Expert and children, because they are hugely qualified in this subject. 
More information if Kids Under Cover can be found at
I love all of the designs but think that the Minecraft inspired Cubby might be a favourite. I will be keeping my eye in the decision on March 30th.  page1image22144





Tuesday, 14 February 2017


This short film is a must see for everyone. Even with first aide training, knowing what to do when the moment comes to resuscitating and saving a life can be forgotten in panic. Using an AED (automated external defibrillator) is easy if you know where to find one and can follow instructions. This short film is a great reminder. Urban Lifesavers (not-for-profit) has launched a short film ‘Back in a Heart Beat’ to educate laypersons on why, when & how to apply an automated external defibrillator (AED) to save the life of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. ‘Back in Heart Beat’ film can be found on Urban Lifesavers YouTube channel. Urban Lifesavers is a registered charity dedicated to raising awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and educating the community on saving lives with early CPR & early defibrillation. Anyone can be an Urban Lifesaver and early defibrillation by bystanders before the arrival of paramedics gives the victim the greatest chance of survival.   Minutes matter to save a life. AEDs should be a commonplace as fire extinguishers and everyone should know how to use one. The vision is ‘No More Deaths from Cardiac Arrest’.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Monday Mentions: Local Hobart Talent IS Wicked.

This week's mention had to go, hands down, to the incredibly talented beings that starred in and contributed to the Hobart production of Wicked. I caught the performance last week and it was amazing, from start to finish. Wicked is the Broadway production which tells of the two Witches of Oz; the good and the bad, and how they became to be so. Brought to Hobart during January and February in 2017 by the Show Company together with Allan Jeffrey and Leiz Moore and on the stage of the beautiful Theatre Royal, the show was set for success. If you missed this production, there is quite the line up on the agenda at The Theatre Royal in Hobart for 2017. Jump over to see what they have in store at

Monday, 16 January 2017

Monday Mentions - The Wellness Couch

Last week I raved about podcasts and why I love them and think you would too. Today I share a group of podcasts called The Wellness Couch that I find extremely educational, entertaining and interesting.

The Wellness Couch is an awesome group of podcasts (in my opinion) that covers everyone's issues and topics of interest across the broad subject of Wellness. There are so many podcasts on  "the Couch" that satisfy my criteria of learning about life and improving what I do, that I am never without interesting material to listen to daily.

I have six podcasts that I listen to regularly just from The Wellness Couch group. In no particular order they are Your Exceptional Life, Thriving Children Podcast, 100 Not Out, The Wellness Guys, One Minute Mindfullness and Caren's Couch. There are many other podcasts that also interest me in the list, but a girl has to draw a line and there are only so many podcasts I can listen to on any given day.

If you want to know more about any health topic, either factual or opinion, then The Wellness Couch is a well put together resource with a great bunch of people. 

You can find out more about The Wellness Couch at their website (

Thursday, 12 January 2017

2017 ... fresh starts and beginings

2017 will be a year of beginnings and firsts. I am not just saying this because numerology says it must be (
the numbers 2, 0, 1 and 7 added together equal 10 and further condenses to 1; the number of starting fresh and beginnings).

My daughter will become a teen for the first time.

My daughter is also starting her first year at High School.

Consequently, my son will be at primary school without his sister for the very first time.

We will be celebrating more significant dates for the first time without my mother-in-law, like the birthday she shares with my daughter, Easter and Mother's Day.

Surely, there will be other firsts and beginnings that we are not aware of yet. I hope they are pleasant and welcomed.

Many around the world will also be experiencing their own firsts and beginnings, and hopefully they will be good ones.

The best thing about the end of a chapter is the start of the next one. A time to reflect and analyse. A time to change and alter. A time to try new and improve on the old.

I hope you will have your own wonderful beginnings in 2017 and some great firsts too.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Monday Mentions: Podcasts

Welcome to my very first Monday Mentions post.
There are many things I am enjoying and it would be rude not to share them with you. 
Podcasts have become a great resource given the pace of our lifestyles, and there so many great podcasts out there waiting to be heard.
What is a podcast?
A podcast is a free digital audio or video file that is available on the internet to be listened to or viewed.

Why do I love them?
Because I am busy but I love to hear what other people are doing or thinking. I love to learn new things constantly! The beauty of technology is that I can listen whilst doing my work in the office or washing up. I can even listen via Bluetooth in my car whilst driving!

There are so many podcasters out there right now covering every topic imaginable. Some podcasts are entertaining, others are educational and a  few are just wacky.

The podcasts I'm enjoying currently include an ex-navy seal talking about physical and mental health, and interviewing others to get their view on leading a great life. I also listen to a couple who have taken real steps to slow down their way of living and what that involves. Also, I love a podcast of two mums talking about the funny side of parenting.

Where can you find podcasts?
iTunes(Apple) is great for finding podcasts, subscribing to them and keeping them together in order. BeyondPod Podcasters is the Android equivalent found in Google Play. There are many other programs and sites to assist you to tune in to your favourite podcast which can be installed on your desktop or played directly through your web browser.

So if you are not currently enjoying podcasts, I would encourage you to do so. I can guarantee that you will find one, or many, that you enjoy too.