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Welcome to my blog - I hope you stay for a while and look around.

Bright Side Up was born as the result of my competitive streak initially.

Kleenex Mums was running a great little comp. called "So you think you can blog?" Enough said! The red flag had been waved in my face, and I was taking on the challenge.
Needless to say, I didn't submit a winning entry, but I had so much fun trying.

By the time the competition was over, I was hooked on blogging.
I used to love to write, but had lost touch as life had become busy. Getting back into it was like "coming home".

Bright Side Up was also created to serve another purpose.
I was battling Anxiety Disorder for the 2nd time.
Writing is a great creative outlet for anxiety and I get to write about anxiety, to hopefully help others going through the same thing. I purposefully designed my blog to focus mostly on the positive aspects of life, although, I am writing about life from my experience and perspective, so you will see the occasional grumble.

I am a proud wife and mother of two, working part-time, living in Tasmania, which is the most amazing place to live, in my biased opinion. I have an Online Shopping addiction and love a bargain. I like to read, listen to music and photography. I LOVE chocolate, my family, outdoor adventures, and lists. I am passionate about parenting, exercise and keeping healthy, and mental health.

So grab a coffee and a comfy seat, and browse through my tales of parenting, Tasmania, things that make my happy and grateful and life's good moments.

I would love to hear from you in any shape or form.

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