Monday, 23 May 2011

Parenting; a licence to have fun

Have you found that being a parent means you are part of an exclusive group?

You can do things, as a parent, that other adults would not normally do, or that would earn you funny stares. From the day I became a parent I have RELISHED my special membership and used it regularly.

Now - there are those adults who refuse to grow up and do childish things anyway, but I'm talking about being a responsible adult and enjoying child-like behaviour and activities from time to time.

I have been known to participate in the following:

  • playing for longer than needed in the toy aisle
  • playing hopscotch on the beach with a friend
  • bouncing on the trampoline
  • swinging at the park
  • bubblegum bubble competition
  • using the slide at the kids activity centre
  • how long can I hold my breathe under the water competition
  • pulling on my old roller skates(tight squeeze now)
  • climbing trees
  • hide and seek
  • playing trains on the floor
  • dancing to music around the house
  • handstands (attempted to anyway)
  • throwing a tantrum (usually to show my daughter how silly it looks)
  • squealing at the top of my voice
  • squeezing into the cubbyhouse for a tea party
  • bouncing on beds
  • swinging on the clothesline (it will never be the same again!)
I'm sure there are so many more!

We are being told more than ever to spend more "quality time" with our children and to get down to their level.

And you know what?

It can often be great stress release and quite exhilarating.

So I urge you to give it a go. Let go of your inhibitions. Don't worry about who is watching. Have fun with the children.

And sometimes .... you can even get away with doing these things when the kids aren't with you. Shhhh!