Friday, 20 May 2011

The smallest things .....

The end of the working week and I walk out of the office with my day still buzzing around in my head. My back is loving the upright posture after being hunched over a computer for so long.
I know when I get out that the sun will be almost gone ..... the days are becoming shorter as we head into winter.

I throw open the door to the fresh air. I take a big breath and fill my lungs. Was it them or me that said ahhhh?

I look across the carpark and almost stop mid-step.

The sky is filled with colour and streaks of cloud. All of a sudden my hectic day drifts away. If only that was all I needed all of the time to lift my spirits and clear my head.

The colours are amazing arrays of pink and orange, and are separated by the clouds. The clouds are white and fluffy; a huge contrast to the deep purple of the mountain.

It's when of those moments that people often say should be savoured. So I do .... and I feel so much better for it.