Saturday, 11 June 2011

Enjoy the ride

I know we all like to have a whinge. Me included.

One of the great things about blogging is discovering other people's blogs. Some of these people I have come across in my short blogging life are nothing short of amazing.

Two in particular come to mind.
They are both women who write incredibly well.
They are both women who see such positive things around them and have lovely, inspirational things to say.
Both women are suffering from debilitating illnesses.

Yet ... they inspire ME and remind me that the world isn't all bad.

So I thought it only fair to share their blog links with you. If you haven't already come across these amazing bloggers then I encourage you to take a look.

Meet Melissa at thethingsidtellyou
I blog about all kinds of things - children, family, mental health, women's rights and issues, autism, grief and loss, chronic illness, all things beautiful, books. (taken from The things I'd tell you)

Meet Jess at 91 Odd Socks
These are just my reflections. Reflections of a 19 year old Australian girl fumbling her way through Chronic Illness, and learning to see just how pretty every single day is. (taken from 91 Odd Socks)

So, the next time I feel like having a whinge or feel that life is treating me unfairly, I hope to think of some the lovely things Melissa and Jess have shared on their blogs.
I hope you enjoy their blogs too.