Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Time for a change? Please Vote

Style 1

I'm putting it out there. I have been growing my hair FOREVER (well .... a couple of years) and I'm wondering - where to next?

For those who haven't witnessed my hair up close and in real life it is really thick and there is lots of it! My hair is slightly wavy with a bit of length and I don't want a style that I have to fuss with too much.

I have found a great site with virtual makeovers. I have tried this before with other sites, but found the results looked very unrealistic and the choices were limited.
So I highly recommend this site. http://www.taaz.com/
Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5
From the TAAZ site I have chosen 9 different options, all of varying length, close to my natural colour that I would consider.

So help me out. I NEED your opinion. Even if you don't know me I'm sure you can tell me which style you think suits me best.
Style 6

Style 7

Style 9
Style 8
Some of the styles aren't as accurate as I would have them but they give you an idea of length. All have a fringe of some description because I don't look good without one.

Either your opinion on here or Facebook of your 2 favourites would be great.

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