Thursday, 21 July 2011

Am I dreaming or is this life?

It was just like an action movie and I was in the thick of it.
We were down near the river and noticed the beginning of a small tornado. It whirled around, pulling the water up into the air. Of course! I thought, that's why we can't find him. He has obviously been scooped up by a tornado and has been dropped outside the search zone.

image source
 A flashy blue Ute pulls up in front of me on the banks of the river. On the back, it has a huge jet hose and the water is shooting out and aiming into the centre of the tornado. Is this guy crazy? But then I realise his intention is to get pulled INTO the tornado through the connection of the hose and water. This way he will be dumped elsewhere too. It's a shame his nice Ute has to go too. Suddenly, as if the water and tornado are not enough, I notice sparks coming off the tornado which catch the bushes on the river's edge. Small fires are now burning and the smoke is clouding the sky.

Hmmmm .... so what was that all about?
It is no secret that some medication can cause some pretty weird dreams. The previous anxiety tablets caused me very vivid dreams every night where I would wake, sometimes several times a night covered in sweat.
My current tablets have been good as far as side effects go. Wacky dreams happen every so often.

Can I really blame the medication though?

The last week has been a little out of the ordinary at our house. Hubby has been searching for a local teenager who jumped from the bridge into the river at 2am Friday morning. As a volunteer for the State Emergency Service, we expect this occasionally. Mostly, his call outs are "quick fix" situations. A car accident, a roof blown off, sand-bagging flooded waters, searching for a lost hiker. These are usually resolved within the same day, if not in a couple of hours.
Tomorrow, it will be one week since the teenager jumped.
Hubby has been on the river, or searching the river bank every day for the past week, alongside the other volunteers, police and search helicopter. So hubby has been a little preoccupied to say the least, and absent for much of the week.

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Master 3 has also decided that our bed is OUR bed. One in - all in.
Neither hubby or I have any energy left to fight it. So I am usually the jam in the bed sandwich. Very snug, very cosy, very BLOODY UNCOMFORTABLE AND CLAUSTROPHOBIC!

Add to this, my usual 4 day working week and the requests and demands as I currently work solo due to my workmate being on annual leave.

I remember thinking, in the midst of my dream, the tornado is just how I am feeling - spinning around and out of control. Being swept along. It's quite funny that I was analysing my dream as it was occurring.

So really, I don't think it was all that strange to be having this dream since our week has been dominated by the search, the reorganising of the family, rushing here and there to drop off to school and then to work, mixed with appointments.

Hubby was so grateful this morning when I told him about my dream and the reason why they haven't found the missing teenager. "A tornado! Of course, why didn't we think of that?"