Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Novel Challenge - MS Readathon for Adults

Remember when you were younger and it was cool to join in with your mates in school activities. I participated in sports through school and also remember a Skip Rope For Heart where I scored a cool Frisbee for my efforts. 

One activity I look back on fondly is the MS Readathon. It was a great excuse for me to read to my heart's content, and it was raising money for a good cause. A win-win situation.

Now that my daughter is reading (at a low level) I jumped at the chance to get her involved in her first readathon.

When I went online to register her details, imagine my GLEE to find that last year was the start of The Novel Challenge. This is the adults version of the Readathon.

So my daughter and I are reading and raising money together. July is the month for my state to sink into the lounge with some good books. Sponsor me or join me in The Novel Challenge

I have armed myself with what look to be some interesting books.

So you know what our household will be doing in July, will you join us?