Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cherishing my cherubs

Thank you to Naomi @ seven cherubs for coming up with her fabulous project and  inviting us to join her.
 Miss 7 is our first born and LOVES telling people she was born in the year of The Monkey, according to the Chinese Calendar. She enjoys school and has a great collection of DVDs. She loves to laugh, dream, and is an animal lover. A typical Pisces, she is very sensitive to others and avoids making hard decisions.
INTERESTS crafts, reading, music, dancing, singing, 
    LIKES chocolate flavoured anything
         DISLIKES Casserole
              FAVOURITE GAME Moshi Monsters
                   FAVOURITE SAYING Whatever!
                        FAVOURITE MUSIC The Veronicas
                             FAVOURITE SHOW The Lion King
                                  FRIENDS Louise, Telah, Luke

Master 3 loves showing you his latest stunts.  He enjoys being outdoors and is full of energy. He loves to climb ANYTHING! Also true to the Virgo sign, he is a quick thinker, and takes in detail.
INTERESTS painting, hammering, riding his scooter
    LIKES making a mess
         DISLIKES Spaghetti
              FAVOURITE GAME Football
                   FAVOURITE SAYING Blah Blah Jabber Jabber
                        FAVOURITE MUSIC The Wiggles
                             FAVOURITE SHOW Fireman Sam
                                  FRIENDS Liam, Brodie, Tyarni and Sophie

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