Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Gaining knowledge and experience

Did you get my three words last week? Yoga, Retreat, Weekend.

Now I can finally put them together for you and tell you about my amazing experience of a refreshing weekend retreat full of Yoga, relaxation and revitalisation.

I joined 5 others (one of which was my Mum) at this private location which fully caters for the experience we signed up for through Adult Education.
The host and Yoga instructor, Kathy Rudolf, provides vegetarian fare all weekend, not to mention the comforts of her retreat which are plentiful.
The varieties of tea was abundant, the atmosphere was relaxing, and the scenery was breath-taking. 

We took advantage of the nice weather to take a couple of strolls along the beach and coast line, then along the road from the retreat. Both offered an easy walk and lovely scenery.

Our schedule included breakfast, lunch and dinner, morning and afternoon Yoga sessions, an evening relaxation session, and plenty of time in between to relax, go for a walk, read, rest or even use the Sauna.

The retreat sleeps 12 and the downstairs area is ideal for Yoga and relaxation with the view of Deep Bay through the french doors.

Our group of six and Kathy spent quite a bit of time sitting around the table sharing stories and getting to know each other. Our conversations covered a lot of ground over the course of the weekend.
You can see more photos and read about the Retreat experience at the website here.

I came away from the weekend feeling more relaxed and refreshed and with much more knowledge of Yoga and the body than my DVD could ever offer me.