Monday, 29 August 2011

Grateful for ... people's dreams coming true

This week was most exciting for us, not to mention a lovely couple.

On Wednesday our friends welcomed their beautiful first born. They had a healthy baby boy (which they knew but it was a surprise for eveyone else).

Our friends don't live locally, but luckily for us and the maternal grandparents, they live on an island between Tasmania and Victoria. Why is that lucky? The island doesn't not have maternity facilities, so our new Mum flew off the island a month before her due date, and the new Dad came down to join her at her parents in her home town with plenty of time to spare before the BIG DAY.

Myself, hubby and the new Mum all grew up in our great little town, went to the same school. My hubby and the new Mum were in the same year and were good friends. When I married hubby she became my good friend too. We were in each other's weddings, and we honeymooned on their island. The new hubby is an island local so we were in great hands.  We might only see them once a year and talk to them on the phone but when we all meet up there is plenty to discuss. And now, even more so.