Sunday, 21 August 2011

Grateful for…. The young’s thirst for knowledge

There is so much knowledge to share, from the parent to the child.  It certainly gives a feeling of satisfaction to pass down important facts and see the child’s awe.
Nowhere is better for passing down knowledge than the outdoors.  Our family enjoys the outdoors and the variety it brings in things to do and see.  Even going back to the same place time and again, there is always something new to share as things change or there are new questions that the children ask.
We often go south to a beautiful little beach holiday spot.  This is where we were this weekend.  As long as the rain stays away and the cold winds don’t get up, there is opportunity to go explore and discover.
Our first adventure was to take part in our children’s favourite activity in these parts. Rock jumping! The shore of the bay is lined with rocks of different sizes and offers a world of discovery.  We usually start at the end of the beach and work our way around, picking our path along and around the rocks, looking for washed up treasures, and lifting the rocks to discovery scuttling crabs.
Our trip did not disappoint.  We found many crabs under rocks, a sea urchin which the children were reluctant to touch, a smelly, dead, puffer fish, hundreds of shells, and soft sea sponges.  As we reached the jetty we were amazed at the number of good sized crabs in the water.  We walked up and down the jetty pointing them out and watching them, and then caught sight of a school of small fish.

We made our way back along the rocks the way we had come. We had the option to follow the road back, but where was the adventure in that.  There was much talk on our return of what we had seen.