Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I DARE not blink!

My baby boy has just hit another milestone. 4 years. Gone - just like that!

I remember sitting with him in the hospital, knowing that he was my last baby. Willing time to creep by slowly. Alas, time waits for no-one. This is definitely true.

We have been through a lot with him in 4 years. So many memories, that it almost seems that it was impossible to cram it into that time. We are lucky that we have evidence of many of those memories that we can re-visit. Thanks to digital photography I happily snap away, and most of the time the children are happy to play along.

We reviewed some older video footage of when our boy was a toddler. It was great to be back there again. At the flick of a switch we were transported back to chubby cheeks and curly blond hair, his funny stiff walk and love of eating with his hands. Miss 7 was, of course only 4 in the footage. The love for her brother beams from her little face, even as he pulls her hair.
I guess, if they must grow up so quickly, then I must be thankful that I have the video footage and photos to look back on. I just hope that the memories that go with them, that are still quite vivid in my mind, will stay just as fresh with me for a long time to come.

It was evident that our boy has changed in his features quite a bit since his baby days. He is now slim and athletic. His hair is now short and straight. The puffy little red cheeks are gone. But he is the same boy - cheeky, a glint in his eye, quick to cuddle, adventurous, with the cutest little grin and ready to tell you what he thinks. He has always been able to make me smile, even when he is at his naughtiest I find myself smiling at his antics and courage.

I will leave you with photos of Master 4 (no longer Master 3) at his best.