Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Having a go

I find it really hard to take compliments. It is something I have had to work on in my adult life. It is even harder for me to self-promote or to claim that something about me is wonderful and/or marvellous.  I consider myself your average girl next door, with nothing spectacular or outstanding, nothing that sets me apart from the next girl. I'm just skimming along trying to keep balance.

So Kate over at Our Little Sins has set a little challenge.

So I challenge you to write a post or even just think about what it is about you, not the way you look, that is wonderful and marvellous. And put it out there. Celebrate who you are not what you look like. And none of this 'my boobs are saggy, but they've given nourishment'... just 'my boobs have given nourishment'...There are to be no disclaimers or caveats or 'buts'... 

So how do I start? I like to think ...... or Other people have said ..... or If I had to pick something ...

Hell no! You know what is amazing and even marvellous about me?
I like a challenge! I'm a "have a go" sort of girl.

Guess how I started blogging? I was set a challenge and I gave it a go. I entered the Kleenex Mums "So you think you can blog?" competition. The rest is history.

I love being able to say "I gave that a go". I don't expect to be the best, but something I love to pass on to my kids is that you just do the best you can and enjoy the experience.

I love being able to say "I have done that" or "I know something about that". There are many things that I have tried once, a few times, and some repeatedly. I like what I learn when I try things about the subject, about me, about other people.

I realise it is a bit Aussie to say I am marvellous at "having a go", but at the same time I'm quite proud as it is a good quality to have.

So I too challenge you to join Kate and myself to write about what is marvellous and wonderful about you.