Monday, 16 January 2012

Laughter lives here: Don't step on the Male Toes

I love the saying "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it".

From the time we were expecting hubby had great ideas of what he wanted to pass on to our children. To his credit, he has some great knowledge and skills to pass on. As a typical male though, he does like his toys and is a little possessive about the things in his shed.

To his delight, the children love sitting on his knee and listening to his stories, bright eyed with awe and nodding in delight as he passes down invaluable knowledge. They share his love of the outdoors, fishing, and being on the water.

He has become a little moody lately though. Like an old Lion pacing around his domain. You see, Master 4 is behind him, watching, learning, keen to grow up like Daddy. All of a sudden hubby is feeling a little insecure about his male dominance and his precious possessions.

It started with me I guess. Hubby and the children have always played a little game called "My Mummy". Hubby likes to torment the children with this taunt, and they argue back and forth until hubby gives in by saying, in caveman style "Well, she's my woman!"

Then in his story telling moments, hubby would say to the children "One day, you will have Daddy's favourite fishing rod", or "Daddy will teach you to dive and will and you can wear my flippers".

Now Master 4, wanting so badly to be like his Daddy, and being male, is showing much interest in hubby's possessions/toys. He pouted recently, when he told me that our son was moving in on his territory. "He argues back that you are his woman, he has claimed one of my guns as being his own, and now," he says, throwing up his hands in great dramatics, "he keeps saying MY diving gear".

Oh dear, I had to chuckle. "Next thing you know, he will want the keys to your Ute" I said. Hubby failed to see the funny side to this. I have been laughing ever since.

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