Monday, 30 January 2012

Laungter Lives Here - The hidden joys of parenting

There are things you get to do, see and hear as a parent that wouldn't normally happen.

Some of these are wonderful, and some not so much.

Holding a bloody tooth
Catching vomit
Holding a tissue while someone blows into it
Wiping a bum that is not your own
Removing crusty boogers from a small nose
Being licked
Scooping poo out of your bath
Cleaning up a "cake mix" of egg and milo
Having to wash the smudges and handprints off your car windscreen so you can see to drive
You are subjected to claims of "I need to pop off"
Needing to wipe the toilet seat and the floor around the toilet before using it yourself
Waiting at the doctor to remove a Tic Tac from a small nostril
Singing Twinkle Twinkle so many times in one night you are just humming
Being the only one left in front of the TV and watching the kids channel anyway
Waking from your sleep with tiny fingers in your mouth
Constantly putting the neighbours dog back behind the gate as your child keeps freeing it
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