Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The happy little Island

Something happens to my husband when he goes to the island. Infact, I think it would be fair to say that it happens to quite a few who have visited the island. Is it the clean atmosphere, the open horizon, the happy islanders? I don't think you could pinpoint one reason, but even I felt much calmer and relaxed on the island - and that is quite a feat these days!

Live on King Island
image courtesy of Kingisland,net,au
King Island is the island on the north-west side of our island state, Tasmania, the southern-most state of our island nation, Australia. King Island is many things. It is the home of King Island Beef, and King Island Dairy is known internationally for it's cheeses. The island is abundant in quality seafood, not to mention many fresh products. It would be hard for my husband to pick which of the above he loves the most. I am more drawn to it's many beaches, abundance of Art & Craft, it's range of activities on offer, and the rich history.

We are lucky to know some locals who have taken us to some great spots both on the tourist map and off the beaten track.  We have also met many locals, courtesy of our friends, and I must say that they would be the most friendly, accommodating group of people I have ever seen in one district. Even the visitors to the island that we talked to were very friendly, so it is obviously something in the air.

For a small community, King Island certainly has a good range of services and community groups. They are quite a tight-knit bunch, as you would expect, but it is the courtesy and kindness shown that stands out. It is common for an islander to wave to every car they meet on the road, whether they know them well or not at all.

Of course there are some things that people may see as a disadvantage, such as limited mobile phone coverage, less television channels, abundance of wild animals (marsupials, swans, turkeys, reptiles, pheasants, marine animals and birds), windy weather, limited shopping opportunities ..... but many would see these as the reason they were drawn to King Island.

Over the next couple of weeks I would love to share more of our recent trip and experiences to King Island. Have you visited the island? Please learn more here.