Monday, 13 February 2012

Laughter Lives Here - I want what he's got!

Isn't it funny that you always want what the other person has got? Even funnier when it is children. It takes a lot of explaining why things are like they are.

When Master 4 was born, Miss 8 (then 3 1/2), was torn between being fascinated and being very wary of the new family member. She thought he was cute and cuddly, but why did everyone need to cuddle him so much. And he certainly needed a lot of attention.

There was one thing that the baby boy had, though, that she wanted. As usual, she was fascinated about the differences between them. In short, the baby had a penis and she thought that was amazing.

She would gather next to me when I changed his nappy, and was right by my side at bath-time. The REAL fascination began, though, when he started crawling. All of a sudden little Miss was crawling too, right behind him, with her face down close to the ground.

You see, we let him crawl around occasionally without a nappy. To give his little behind some air. Little Miss was almost hypnotised as she crawled along behind.

Around and around the house they went, giggling and crawling. Master thought this was a great game.

Sometimes, little Miss would stop suddenly. "It's not fair, why didn't I get one of those?" It was a question we heard from her a lot.