Friday, 16 March 2012

Happiness is... A Jolly Pirate

Babies grow so quickly. Before you know it, they are 4 years old and going to Kindy.
No longer needing you to hand-feed them, pull up their pants or help them put blocks together. Also no longer interested in the baby decor of their room. Hmmmm ... time for a make-over?

I am thinking to do a colourful room suitable for my son to grow in, and adding accessories to give the room a theme. I don't want any large items to contribute to the theme, this way, it can be changed as his interest change without breaking the budget.

He currently has a cool mat in the design of a Pirate's Treasure Map. He loves boats and the water, so I would love to expand on this theme.

I have found some great inspirational ideas.

 I just love these wall stickers