Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I miss that soft glow

I had a companion who was usually with me as I type on my computer at night.
My companion has quit on me and I am sad ...sad...sad.
How will I move on? Do I try to find a new companion, or struggle on alone?

The trusty, beloved lamp has died a sudden, but quick death. It all ended with a quick flash near it's switch. I could nothing to help it.
The lamp had been with us for about 8 years and was tall and handsome.

As I typed, and my little corner became dim. I would switch on the lamp, and it would offer a soft, warm glow. It lit up my keyboard so my tired eyes wouldn't have to strain so hard.

I am grateful for what it did for me.

Now, my corner is permanently dim, and I miss my companion.