Monday, 30 April 2012

Spinning around

Today Master 4 is in a spin.

He wants to do something, but can't decide what that something is. I totally empathise, as I have days like this too. As an adult though, you eventually have to make a decision.

He started his day at swimming. This was great. It was a planned, structured activity. No problems here.

When he got home though, he wanted to warm up under the blanket and watch some cartoons. He would watch for a little while and then say, "Do you want to watch another one? Is this one a bit silly?" No amount of reassurance from me could convince him that I wasn't in fact watching the TV, so he could choose whichever channel he wanted to. This swapping and changing of channels went on for a while.

He then decided that he might like to play the Wii. I thought this was a great idea, as maybe he was restless from inactivity. As I went to put the Wii on, he decided that he was watching the current cartoon. It then took a little discussion to decide whether he wanted to play the Wii or remain watching cartoons.

"Nope, I want to play the Wii". So back to setting up the Wii. Silly me asks which game do you want to play?". In hindsight, I could have asked "Mario Kart or Skate Boarding?", to narrow down his options, but something tells me that he would have ummed and ahhed anyway. So, I set up the Wii for Skate Boarding, at which time he says, "Nope, maybe Golf .... or Segway?" Hmmm ... do you see a pattern here?

So, after chopping and changing between different activities, for which he needs my assistance, he then decides on Mario Cart, so out with the steering wheel.

I can happily say that after a little dummy spit about his driving ability, he has now settled for a good five minutes.

Master 4, I love you, but you send Mummy into a spin too sometimes!