Saturday, 12 May 2012

Grateful for ... being accountable

Most people moan and groan about their place of employment. They say there is too much taking and not enough giving. They feel like they are just another cog that makes the company tick. The company's main concern is the number on the bottom of the Profit and Loss report. This is possibly why so many people work for themselves.

So let me tell you a little story about an Australian company (that, fortunately, I am associated with) that actually says they care about their employees, and does something to prove it.

On Thursday I met with my personal trainer. No this isn't a separate story, so stay tuned. We discussed my goals, my history, my habits and noted down my personal measurements. I will record my food intake and physical activity in my diary over the next four weeks, then meet with her again.

So where is the link?
The personal trainer has been hired by my place of work. 

Meet Sherri, of Energy Health Concepts. 

Those who wish to have access to her and her company's tools and expertise can do so, all at the cost of the business.  This includes nutrition consultation, cholesterol and glucose testing, massages, Pilates workouts, a Company Challenge and monthly check-ins. Those who would like to take part in the group training sessions can do so at half price, with the company paying the other half.

So this week I am more than happy to be accountable. I have signed up for all the bells and whistles and am really looking forward to the support and the information they can offer. I have done the exercise, watching what I eat, and dieting all before, but all on my own.

How often does an opportunity like this come my way? How hard is it to lose weight, and maintain a good fitness and lifestyle without support? How often in your life would you like to say to someone "just make the decision for me and tell me what to do"?

So I guess I am grabbing this opportunity and running with it. 
I will keep you all posted.