Saturday, 19 May 2012

Happiness is .. being recognised

This week is all about recognition for us.

Master 4 has managed to stay in his own bed for three nights in a row. I made sure there was a big fuss in recognition of his very grown up behaviour. It wasn't just words - Mummy and Daddy are both really proud and relieved for three nights good sleep.

Miss 8 received her recognition at school for her efforts last week. She received a certificate at the school assembly showing that she follows the schools three B's of Br safe, Be a learner and Be respectful.
Her teacher made sure she included on the certificate that Miss 8 is always a hard worker. Whew! That is better than the often heard "is disruptive in class" or "could apply herself more". The certificate has pride of place on the fridge.

I was also recognised for my efforts this week, which was rather nice. My employer saw it as beneficial to give me a pay rise! That will come in very handy to cover the many price rises of late.

Overall, a pleasant week.