Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sharing my limited wisdom

My son is a bit of an enigma - or so thinks his Kindergarten Teacher.

If you have been following for a while, then you may have already figured out that Master 4 can be a little full on. He is an action packed boy, with lots of energy and a lot of imagination.

As a parent, I have made it my job to seek information on the best methods for dealing with his energy. I have done a parenting course where I picked up a few tricks. I have tried to arm myself to help this person grow and become a man.

So when his teacher calls me in to have a "chat" about his attitude and behaviour, I think, this could be interesting. When she tells me that I need to give her the answers of how to deal with him, I think, it has taken me over four years to figure this kid out, therefore I only have four years experience. I compare this with her 30 years experience of teaching alongside the experience she had raising her own three sons. Hmmm .... what has she been all of these years?

I appreciate that every child is different, but if you sit done and analyse, they usually fit into one of several boxes. I also appreciate that the teacher is communicating her concerns with us instead of shrugging her shoulders and letting Master 4 slip into the too hard basket. I also appreciate that she has a full class of 25.

So after giving the teacher a little of my wisdom (of which I am now wondering what it could be worth on the market), and a little insight into how my little boy ticks, I hope that she has been armed with some tools, which could also enrich her teaching abilities.

My son is definitely not an enigma. He is an intelligent, active, growing boy who is work in progress.