Saturday, 7 July 2012

Grateful for ... feel good moments

This weeks has been littered with feel good moments that I had to share. I am grateful that I am blessed with these moments, they certainly make the week a little easier to bear.

On Monday, I made my second trip to the local Australian Red Cross. I had booked an appointment online. How cool is that? Wouldn't it be cool if you could arrange all of your appointments this way?
So after lunch I made my way in. My first donation had flowed rather slowly and didn't result in a full bag of my precious type A. This time, I was perhaps a little more relaxed, now being familiar with the procedure. My blood flowed nicely and my little bag was full in no time. I spent the time chilling and watching TV. It was completely satisfying reading the boards on the walls of how blood helps to save people, and the type of people it has benefited, like the beautiful Ivy whose Mum is the talented blogger over at Three Ring Circus. I have already booked again for September.

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On Tuesday, I spent some one-on-one time with Miss 7. This has become a rare treat since Master 4 came along. So it was nice having uninterrupted, girly chats and watching a movie together. My girl is growing so fast and surprises me everyday with her conversations and views on the world.

Wednesday was a day back at work. Our workplace continues to be blessed, with the addition of some exercise equipment for the staff. With another session looming with the company personal trainer, my friend and I made the most of our lunch-break and the equipment. We peddled and walked our way through lunch, chatting as we did so. Another tick in my weekly exercise regime.

Thursday, I treated myself to a one hour massage after work.  As I lay there, listening to the soothing music, and being massaged and relaxed with hot towels, I willed the built up tension away. By the end of the hour, my back, arms, legs and face were tingling and relaxed and I floated home.

And Friday looked after itself the way it usually does, flying by in a flurry of procedures to end off the week.

How was your week? When was the last time you had an hour, a day, a week of feel good moments? Go on and treat yourself!