Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How to choose a winning cocktail

I could spend hours gazing at a cocktail menu. There are always so many choices, with mouthwatering ingredients, fantastic names and bright, glossy pictures. So... how do you choose?

For me, personally, the choice has to meet certain criteria, like:
  • it must not contain an ingredient that I do not like
  • the name must have a little class to it. I am not tempted to drink something that sounds like it has been scooped out of a sewer pit.
  • the description on the menu must flow, and be swimming with tempting words
  • it should be made with good, fresh ingredients
 There are other bonus factors that go with a cocktail, that increases it's chances of being on the winning list, like:
  • something cute or tasty used as decoration to finish the cocktail
  • some fancy bar tending skills used when the cocktail is made
  • a hot, hot bartender making the cocktail
  • when he leans over the bar to whisper "that's on the house". Wink, wink.
So, to put this to the test I would grab the menu for Shrub Cocktails Unique to Lumia.


Although the choice was a tough one, given the great range, I would say my favourite would be
 Strawberry Shiraz Cobbler
Makers Mark shaken with orange chunks, red wine ‘burnt orange and pink peppercorn shrub’ and strawberry liqueur.

The ingredients sound lush, the description sounds very tempting and classy.

After this I may have to try another to make sure I'd chosen correctly.

Now one would hope that when I got to Lumia, at The Crown, Melbourne, that they have a hot, hot bartender waiting to take my order, shake it with all he's got.

Can anyone confirm they have been to Lumia and that he does exist?