Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ready, Set, It's my day off!

Today is my official one day off. When I say that, it means that I don't go to my place of employment. It sure as hell doesn't mean a day of leisurely pamper appointments and day time TV.

Today, for example:
Up for the morning madness. Organising lunches, breakfast, encouraging children through morning routines, checking school bags, ready and out the door. School drop-off.

Ventured 30kms with Miss 7 to buy her third guinea pig in a month.

Applied Nit solution to Miss 7's hair, waited, rinsed, painstakingly dragged a double-row nit comb through her long, thick hair. This took a good few hours!

Searched through freezer for inspiration for tonights dinner.

Searched online for a better Car Insurance Premium. Then called my current Insurer, who changed my address, and got me a better premium while still holding onto my Rating 1. Who knew that a change of address could save over $100?

Grabbed a bite to eat.

I called Family Assistance next, to check the current SchoolKids bonus. As it turns out, even though Master 4 is attending an education institute 3 days a week, where he is required to wear a uniform, and go on excursions, etc, we are not entitled to the bonus for him, as Kindergarten is not part of Primary School. I think there will be a few parents jumping up and down about the governments interpretation of "a child at school ".

Some basic housework

Before you know it, Master 4 is ready to be collected from Kindergarten.

A visit with Nan and Pop to wish Pop a Happy Birthday and have a well earned coffee. Is this the first one today?

Configure and register Nan's new iPad - so jealous!

Home again to whip up a dinner to keep everyone happy.

7pm - Netball

Thank God I only have Tuesdays off!