Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wrap me in colour

The stores are just popping with colour in anticipation for Spring. I'm not sure I am ready to dive in yet though. I'm sure I have already been there before.

Back before my black heavy metal days of being a teen, I fully welcomed the fashionable colours of the 80s. There were colours and patterns of every description, and obviously some were NOT meant to be worn together, but I'm sure we all have one photo from the 80s with bad hair and an outfit gone wrong. I'm sure you'd like to see mine ....But you're not!

I have seen the coloured jeans era already. I remember having a very cool pair of pale pink jeans. I believe they also had a little zip at each ankle too. Very cool!

I also embraced, briefly, the brightly coloured, Lycra leggings as my friends and I danced along to "Ring my bell" by Collette. Please tell me that someone reading this can remember that song.

Not to mention the layered look of the Ra ra skirt, that Danni Minogue inspired me to wear. Actually, Young Talent Time may have been responsible for quite a few of my fashion crimes.

So like many fashions that rear their heads years down the line, colour is back while I am still wrapped in my blacks, browns and greys. I might get there eventually. It is usually my style to follow the fashion as it is on it's way out. Better late than never.