Friday, 28 September 2012

Grateful to see the good side

Sometimes I look at my children, really closely. I pull them close and peer at them, studying their every feature and touching them, memorising every bump and crease. What am I looking for? Evidence of their horns or tails of course.

My husband is constantly calling me at work to say how well behaved the children have been. I pick them up from their grand-parents', who tell me they hardly knew the children were there, that's how good they were. I hear this time and time again, but have not witnessed the children they speak of.

I walk in the door, and I swear their little eyes glow a strange, fluorescent red. They rush toward me like they might devour me before I even set down my handbag. It isn't long before Master 5 and
Miss 8 are growling and clawing at each other like wild dogs.

Maybe I give off a bad energy? I haven't quite figured this out yet. My husband looks at me bewildered, wondering himself what force has possessed the children. I throw him the "yeah, sure they have been good" look.

Today was nothing out of the ordinary. I fed the kids their usual breakfast, dressed them and dropped them at school. I went to work, performed the usual weekly tasks. Drove the same route to and from work. Arrived and finished at the same time as usual. So, when I walked in the door, I braced myself for the usual mayhem.

Things felt different as soon as I got out of the car. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. I walked in the door and looked around. The children were sitting nicely, one on the lounge, the other at the computer. Both smiled and greeted me. Hubby greeted me and asked about my day, like what I was seeing was normal. It was anything but normal and I realised the strange feeling I had felt was from the absence of arguing as soon as I was in earshot.

Hubby gave me a wink as he headed out the door toward the garage. Ahhhhh .... this is where things return to normal, and the joke is over? I enquired about the day with the children and they excitedly took turns to tell me about footy colours day at school, that they both had someone in their class with a birthday, and then I witnessed the darnedest thing. The children sat together at the computer visiting their Moshi Monster sites in turn and giving each other tips and praise in their accomplishments.

It was quite surreal to say the least. I went about looking through the mail, checking on tea, making a cuppa for hubby and myself while enjoying the pleasant banter between the children.

I could get quite used to this! I didn't dare ask myself how long it would last. I just wanted to soak up the moment and stopped short of grabbing the video camera so I could watch it again and again.

I am still in shock - as this behaviour has mostly been maintained the whole evening until bedtime.

I still haven't felt their horns or tails by the way
So to say I am grateful would be an understatement. I have ended the week on a lovely high.


  1. I hope it lasts for you! My daughter is always on her best behaviour anywhere but home x

  2. Mysterious good behaviour is to be wallwed in at all costs! I'm glad you got a good dose.

    I am of the opinion that children are generally at their very worst for their mother. You are not alone!!! x

  3. Oh yes! I have a pair of house devils, street angels. "Oh they are so quiet," people say and I just smile while I think of them at home just before we left the house. Glad yours are being so lovely for you. :)

  4. This made me chuckle, I can totally relate, enjoy the surrealism :)

  5. Sounds blissful to me - let's hope for many more days of peace and quiet for you and yours!


  6. Oh yes, definitely enjoy it while it lasts. But I do know what you mean. People were always commenting on how well behaved my children were. I figured they were probably a bit wary of other people so they didn't want to push their luck. But Mum - well they had me well and truly sorted.

  7. I am learning to not question those brief times of sibling harmony and just enjoy them! Hope the goodness lasted through the weekend!