Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Last cuddles for my Cowboy

I gave my four year old son his last cuddle tonight.
He was snuggled down under his doona, and fighting sleep. As I nuzzled in for my cuddles, he begged me to stay a while ..... to sing one last nursery rhyme, and his arms tightened around my neck. I laughed it off, smothering him in kisses and urged him to go to sleep. As I pulled away, I knew there would be no more cuddles ever with my four year old son, and it made me pause just a little longer.

Tomorrow, my son will bounce out of bed in excitement. He will be shrieking and running around frantically searching for presents.

Tomorrow is his fifth birthday, and he is so, so excited.

He has been asking all year when will it be his turn for a birthday. A year has been such a long time for him.

As I write this I am waiting for cupcakes to finish cooking. He will proudly carry them into his classroom tomorrow to share, and announce, finally, that it is his birthday.

That is the plan, anyway. He did try to tell me that since it is his birthday tomorrow, surely he would not need to go to school.

Good try buddy.

 These are my last photos taken of Master 4. This week at his Kinder Book Parade he proudly strutted his stuff down the Cat Walk, dressed as a Cowboy. Complete with a wooden gun, chaps, Cowboy Hat, and a coil of rope.
Happy Birthday to my little man 
to be known, from tomorrow, as Master Five.