Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thankful for .... A Hole to fill

I am at a loss. I have been in turmoil all day, having learned in writing that an important part of my life will be no longer. I am thankful to have had the chats, the connection and the benefits of our acquaintance, but it is time to part from a significant influence in getting through my Anxiety bouts.

I am so sad, beyond words, that I received a letter in the mail this week. I had no warning, and actually opened it with anticipation, thinking it would bear good news. Alas, it did not!

Wahhhhhaaaaa!! My Massage Therapist regrets to inform that she is closing her business to pursue travel opportunities. What am I to do?

I now need to find a new Massage Therapist and possible a different sort of Therapist to get over this terrible news.

I am thankful to this lovely lady who did her job well and introduced me to the magic of a good, relaxing massage, as well as the benefits of aromatherapy. She has set the bar high.

Massage was one of the tools I clung too when times were really tough with my Anxiety. I made a promise to myself that I would continue with regular appointments, because they had been so beneficial in my recovery, and essential to maintain my balance. I had such a good relationship and understanding with my Massage Therapist ....... but now she is going.

write: losing your best friend, and being left with a black hole beside you

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  1. oh the joys of a good massage!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that! I hate the time and money and effort it takes to find a good practitioner, so to lose one that you love must be heartbreaking! I hope you find a suitable replacement fast x

    1. Oh me too Kelly. And hopefully it won't take too long.

  3. I know how wonderfully calming a massage can be. And it cant be just anyone either. A trusted person un-knotting all your anxiety. I really hope you find someone new soon.

    1. Thanks Gina. No, I couldn't have just anyone doing it. Massage invades your personal space, so I need to feel comfortable.