Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Things I Know about Breakfast

When I get up in the morning,  I have a routine. Many people do. Mine includes breakfast and always has. My morning does not feel complete without it. I question how people who choose to skip breakfast can function properly, or get through the day.
Oats, milk + blueberries. Green tea + 1/2 lemon

I am so glad that Schools in Australia are aware of the benefits of breakfast now. My children's Primary School offers free breakfast options before the start of school each day, which assures that even if the parent is not enforcing the importance of eating breakfast, the children can still have the option.

An article in The Herald Sun recently highlighted the findings of a study of over 800 students over 5 years, and concluded that children who eat before school get better academic results.

It has been talked about for quite some time that eating breakfast also triggers the metabolism into action. I have known of people on diets skipping breakfast, thinking this is a good way to reduce their calorie intake. It definitely reduces calorie intake initially, but the body may also think that food is scarce and slows down the metabolism to survive, or it may cause you to binge on other foods to get you through to lunch.

I don't need research to tell me that I am much more focused and energetic through the day when I have had breakfast. I encourage my children to have breakfast every morning too, though this is sometimes a struggle in the morning madness. I persevere though, trying to set my kids up with healthy habits that will benefit them now and into the future.

What are your morning habits regarding breakfast? Have you always eaten/not eaten breakfast?

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