Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I Live With Vampires

I am a fan of Vampire movies. This all started way back with the introduction of The Lost Boys, and has continued through to the current Twilight series. It is an interesting topic, I think.

What I am not a fan of is living like a vampire within my own home.

I am the person who gets up in the morning and throws open the curtains wide so the sunlight can stream in. I don't like to close said curtains until that light has waned so much as to need to turn the light on (unless they are closed to keep the heat out).

The people I live with are quite the opposite.

Those three people, also known as my hubby and children, are the ones who come behind me to quickly close the curtains again, blocking the light which they claim is "too bright".

I sometimes wonder whether others in the neighbourhood think we are sending some sort of SOS signals with the constant flashing of material across the windows, as they are opened, closed, then opened again.

If there is sunshine, I like to feel it's warmth and the welcome glow that it casts in a room.

For me, dark is gloomy and depressing.

Does anybody else feel their spirits lifted by a little sunlight? 
Are you a curtains open or shut kind of person?