Sunday, 24 February 2013

Technology: You Make Me Feel Old

Kids sure are advanced these days. I find it amazing what they already know at such tenders ages.
Being born with technology, it really does feel natural to them to know how to work gadgets and which buttons do what.

Miss 9 informs me she is learning letter location and correct finger placement on the computer keyboard at school. She has just started Grade 3.

I get it.
Computers are a huge part of life now.
It is good that they are learning the correct procedures early.

I started to learn letter location and finger placement in Grade 7.
It was known back then as Typing ..... with a big, clunky typewriter .... with heavy keys that would stick.

I am feeling my age lately.

On the other end of the scale, some things are being left behind.
We were in a rural location not so long ago, and a Telephone Box outside a hop caught my eye.
When I was a kid there was a Telephone Box within a short walk of wherever you lived, given that you lived in a city or suburb.
I asked Miss 9 and Master 5 whether they knew the name of this box that we rarely see these days.

Master 5 looked at me blankly.
Miss 9 broke into a grin as she was sure she knew the answer.

"Isn't it a Telegraph thingy?"

So close ... but no.

What differences in knowledge are you noticing in the children now compared to when you were a child?

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