Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Dog, My Sister

When my daughter was two we bought her a puppy. To say that they are close is an understatement. They have grown together, played together and comforted each other. They have a connection. My daughter says they are sisters.

Gypsy is a Golden Labrador.
Labradors are known historically as Duck Hunting dogs. She has been known to catch a few unsuspecting birds in our yard. Her love of the water is insatiable.

For the past 7 years, Gypsy has been solely a yard dog.

Hubby, always a keen hunter, has recently started taking Gypsy out to the Bush with him for walks. She instantly loved the space and the scents it offered. Even though she had never hunted before, she roused a wallaby out on her first run.

Hubby had never considered taking her hunting before.
Gypsy had a history of wanting to go wherever her nose took her, and was not the most disciplined at coming when called.
Hubby also worried that she may be gun shy, in which case she may run at the sound, leaving him searching the bush for hours.

Miss 9 is an animal lover by nature.
When hubby told her that he and Gypsy were going hunting, she jumped up and said she was going too.
Surprised, hubby asked why she would want to go when she hated seeing animals hurt.
Her response was quick and honest.

"I only want to make sure Gypsy doesn't get hurt."

The connection these two have is so gorgeous.


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