Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Tis The Season ....

We take so much for granted in life. Yet, it can all be gone in an instant. I was reminded of this just yesterday, and thought it was a timely sign that I just couldn't ignore.

Hubby and I were driving home from the suburbs. We were heading out towards the highway when we saw a substantial stream of smoke ahead. Hubby, being ever so wise stated "the smoke isn't dark enough to be a house fire, so probably just someone burning rubbish".

As we got closer though, we could see that the smoke was indeed coming from a house. The smoke was seeping out from under every edge of the roof. The Fire Brigade and Police were in attendance, but it looked like there was little that could be done. The fire had taken hold and the old weather-board house was it's steady fuel.

My thoughts instantly turned to the occupants of the house. We learned later, on the nightly News, that the elderly lady had not been home at the time.

Thankful that she was safe and had been spared the tragedy of being home during such a scary and upsetting sight, I still felt so sad for the home, possessions and memories lost. Not to mention the upheaval such a drama creates.

I know things can be replaced, another home can be found and more memories can be made, but it is the feeling and the investment of ourselves in a home that can never be replaced.

It is so important that we keep an eye out for potential fire hazards, especially during this time of year in Australia, where we are making use of our heaters, wood-fires, and electrical appliances.

Be vigilant in your homes and workplace, but also keep an eye out around the community, especially if you know that people are not home or are elderly.

I am hoping that we never have to experience the loss and drama that comes with a house fire. Hopefully, neither will you.

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