Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Our Australia Day

Third degree burns to the bottom of your feet on the soft, loose sand.
Dragging every beach and water tool from the Ute to occupy the children.
Applying SPF50 every half hour because we live in Tassie, which means you can burn to a crisp at the slightest hint of the Sun.
Sharing the beach and the water with the rest of the holiday-goers and their dogs. They range from the barely covered to the wetsuit wearers.

Breaking up the day with a little snooze .... it's so exhausting sleeping in, then watching children play.
You celebrate with them as they slowly gain more and more confidence with their chosen watercraft.
You have only trekked to the beach three times today, so you think yourself lucky.

Taking the chance to sit under the shade of a tree with your toes buried in the sand while you manage to get half way through a novel, which hopefully, you might even finish!
You listen to the joyous laughter of children splashing in the water, watch the boats bobbing around, and admire the kayaks of every colour gliding across the water, helped along by strong, athletic arms belonging to people of every age.

The afternoon brings more adventure as you hitch the ski biscuit behind the boat to join other thrill seekers whipping across the water.
Apparently, Mummy's legs uncontrollably bouncing over the top of the inflated doughnut and her shrill screams were hilarious!

As the sun dips down over our Aussie horizon, we head for a bite to eat, which can only serve to refuel the body before heading down to the jetty.
We find our spot amongst the others there, jiggling their colourful jigs in the water, waiting for the squid to latch on.
There is many an excited yelp as the squid is realed in, squirting its black ink as it goes.

You trudge back fro the jetty, tired but happy that your day has been filled with joy, your family and choice.
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