Thursday, 27 February 2014

Embracing Life And The Journey

A lovely friend reminded me yesterday that getting something you have wished for does not always make for a grand life. We were discussing parenting and relationships, as mothers do, and the ups and downs that go with the territory.

I walked away from the conversation thinking over the many times I had reminisced of my younger days when time was in abundance, and there was such a thing as "being bored". It is quite common in my thought process, and for many others I suspect, to wish you had more time to yourself, or to wish the kids weren't jumping all over you all of the time. Instead we should be turning our mindset around and looking at all the great positives in our lives. The humps and bumps along the way are what make the journey interesting and allow us and those around us to learn.

Along with the conversation with my friend, recent events around me that have reminded me that although there are what seems to be little inconveniences and nuisances in our lives, a tragic turn of events can change life so quickly.

This week saw the tragic loss of a toddler to drowning within my township which has the whole community mourning and feeling saddened for that families' unfortunate loss.  Another family's future has been revealed this week after a long court proceeding, in which the father was involved in vehicular manslaughter of a teen. A friend is trying to cope with the sudden departure of her husband from the home, with uncertainty of his return. Two lovely people have recently been diagnosed with cancer, with one having recent surgery and both needing treatment in hope of a good outcome.......

So really, I am thankful for my busy, hectic life full of events and endless demands and questions. Things can change so quickly, leaving us reeling and unsettled with the changes. What was once a hassle in life can be the thing you wish to return, like having to get up each morning to go to work, when you have been laid off and are now unemployed.

I need to embrace the complexity of life and look at the whole scenario as a huge positive.

The alternatives are much less desirable.

How are you visualising your life right now???

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