Sunday, 17 August 2014

Puffs Fresh Faces For Winter Relief

When you have a cold that has you wiping your poor nose until it is red and sore, all you can think of is getting something to sooth and relieve. Poor hubby is doing it tough right now.
Disclaimer: Products were received in exchange for an honest review.

Unfortunately, the traditional tissue offers little relief, and the wiping action is inevitable.
With this in mind I can happily recommend Puffs Fresh Faces which come in the form of Nose Wipes with Vicks Scent, and Nose and Face Wipes With Light Lavender Scent. Both scents are light and pleasant.

Puffs Fresh Faces Nose Wipes and Nose and Face Wipes are packaged in packs of 45, and the box is a great size  to leave in the car, pop on the table or throw in your bag or pram. The box is fitted with a great hard tab top, making it easy to open and reseal, keeping the wipes clean and moist.
The wipes are moist, not wet or slimy like other wipes. The wipes are also a generous tissue size and lightly textured for improved wiping.

Whilst designed and marketed as nose and face wipes, I can think of so many situations for these handy wipes such as makeup removal, camping, and sports.

My only complaint about the Puffs Fresh Face Wipes is that although they claim to be "Made with natural saline, aloe and Vitamin E", the ingredients list is full of long, scientific names.
My overall view is that Puffs Fresh Faces Wipes are packaged well, pleasantly scented and conveniently sized. The wipes perform well and will certainly be welcome in our home.

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