Monday, 3 August 2015

Tasmanian Snowfall

Snow was predicted and snow was received across Tasmania today. The hype was building, the cynics were voicing their doubt, and the child in us all was hoping it was true. Unless you were awake through the night and periodically checking for snow like a child watching for Santa, then you awoke a dusting or a dumping of snow across most areas of Tasmania.

Whilst it is not uncommon for parts of Tasmania to receive snow, it is extremely rare for so much of the state to have snow, and it was received down to sea level. If, somehow, you were oblivious to the outside world, it was soon in your face from every social media direction. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many other mediums were full of pictures and stories of snow across the state. Children and parents waited anxiously for news of school closures, and those who needed to venture out were checking for road closure announcements.

I was in primary school in the 80's when I experienced snow in my own backyard, which resulted in a snow day being called due to frozen pipes, and a huge snow fight in my cul-de-sac. My children see snow every year, as we usually make the journey to a snow blessed, elevated location at least once annually to have a play. To have snow falling around our house and to be able to scoop it off our own letterbox if quite a different experience.

So as not to bore you with too much detail, how about I just show you in pictures.