Monday, 26 October 2015

Plasma Donation: My Next Logical Step

I like to do things. Things to help others. Things to help me grow. Things I enjoy. Sometimes though, I have intentions to do things but they sit on my list until opportunity practically runs me down ... or someone gives me a shove.

And that's exactly what happened today. I was giving my regular donation of whole blood. This is something I have been doing regularly for a few years now. 

I noted the sign that stated that my blood type is needed on another list. I even commented to the nurse how full the other side of the donation room was.

This is when my nurse looked me in the eye and said "You should donate plasma." Of course I should! And I made the appointment while I was still filling my little bag with beautiful whole blood. It really was that simple.

So my next appointment will be a little longer, approximately 45 minutes. 

The whole blood is drawn from the arm, as usual, but the plasma is separated by a machine, and the red cells, white cells and platelets are returned to the donor via the same arm.

The plasma that is taken can be used to make 18 different products. Plasma is demanded more and more as it is used to treat a huge range of medical conditions like shock or burns, to boost the immune system, to stop or prevent bleeding for those who have abnormal blood clotting. The list goes on and on.

As a regular whole blood donor who has never had a complication whilst donating, this is the logical next step for me.

And as an extra incentive, the biscuits really are awesome! I usually wash it down with one of their Chocolate Milks. Win/win!