Thursday, 17 March 2016

Luke and Elliott Find That Music Rocks With Battlebird

It is the classic parenting story. A father feels for his son's struggle with shyness and finding his feet in the schoolyard, so he decides to share his love of music to help his son build confidence. Two years on, and Elliott is now eight years old. Elliott and his Dad, Luke, also known as The Kid and Lucky Luke, and their trusty robot DJ Scooter have teamed up to create BATTLEBIRD, the galaxy’s finest time-travelling, space-hopping, pop-rocking kids band.

Luke says “Elliott was struggling a little bit at his new school and I found it pretty heartbreaking. I had a feeling music may bring him out of his shell as it did for me when I was younger so we started goofing around in the garage writing music, making video clips on an iPhone and an old MacBook and before I knew it we’d pressed a handful of EP’s and performed live at the local Moruya Arts Festival (2015) in front of 200 people with Elliott’s classmates joining us on stage.”
With their song ‘Ho Ho Ho Let’s Go’ featured on the ABC Kids Christmas album Volume 2, and their debut album Life is Good’ due out on March 25, Battlebird are set to blast the airwaves past and present with their very unique sugar-rush style of Intergalactic boomboxpop! - they can’t, don’t, won’t stop until the battle is won…
The CD also comes with a five track DVD.
You can buy it here and follow them on Facebook here, and jump over here to their website.

BATTLEBIRD ‘Life is Good’ - Album with 5 track DVD

Available March 25
The coolest musical collaboration of 2016 is looking set to come from none other than an Aussie Dad and his eight year old son.
I had to include one of my favourites from the album, which is track 5. C'mon C'mon C'mon.