Friday, 6 January 2017

Monday Mentions: Podcasts

Welcome to my very first Monday Mentions post.
There are many things I am enjoying and it would be rude not to share them with you. 
Podcasts have become a great resource given the pace of our lifestyles, and there so many great podcasts out there waiting to be heard.
What is a podcast?
A podcast is a free digital audio or video file that is available on the internet to be listened to or viewed.

Why do I love them?
Because I am busy but I love to hear what other people are doing or thinking. I love to learn new things constantly! The beauty of technology is that I can listen whilst doing my work in the office or washing up. I can even listen via Bluetooth in my car whilst driving!

There are so many podcasters out there right now covering every topic imaginable. Some podcasts are entertaining, others are educational and a  few are just wacky.

The podcasts I'm enjoying currently include an ex-navy seal talking about physical and mental health, and interviewing others to get their view on leading a great life. I also listen to a couple who have taken real steps to slow down their way of living and what that involves. Also, I love a podcast of two mums talking about the funny side of parenting.

Where can you find podcasts?
iTunes(Apple) is great for finding podcasts, subscribing to them and keeping them together in order. BeyondPod Podcasters is the Android equivalent found in Google Play. There are many other programs and sites to assist you to tune in to your favourite podcast which can be installed on your desktop or played directly through your web browser.

So if you are not currently enjoying podcasts, I would encourage you to do so. I can guarantee that you will find one, or many, that you enjoy too.

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