Monday, 16 January 2017

Monday Mentions - The Wellness Couch

Last week I raved about podcasts and why I love them and think you would too. Today I share a group of podcasts called The Wellness Couch that I find extremely educational, entertaining and interesting.

The Wellness Couch is an awesome group of podcasts (in my opinion) that covers everyone's issues and topics of interest across the broad subject of Wellness. There are so many podcasts on  "the Couch" that satisfy my criteria of learning about life and improving what I do, that I am never without interesting material to listen to daily.

I have six podcasts that I listen to regularly just from The Wellness Couch group. In no particular order they are Your Exceptional Life, Thriving Children Podcast, 100 Not Out, The Wellness Guys, One Minute Mindfullness and Caren's Couch. There are many other podcasts that also interest me in the list, but a girl has to draw a line and there are only so many podcasts I can listen to on any given day.

If you want to know more about any health topic, either factual or opinion, then The Wellness Couch is a well put together resource with a great bunch of people. 

You can find out more about The Wellness Couch at their website (

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