Monday, 4 July 2011

All in all... it was a doozy.

It was one of those weekends where we had committed to a couple of social gatherings, and then thought, did we really do that?

We tend to accept social invitations quite readily, and often eagerly. As we approach the date, however, we get the jitters. WHY? Because we have tried to pack too much into the weekend, because we are lacking energy by the time the event arrives, because one of us is on the verge of not attending through illness, or simply because we have committed to go but get nervous by who may or may not be there.

I wouldn't say that either hubby or I are big social butterflies. We REALLY enjoy catching up with friends and family, but more in a laid back, casual way. We both tend to seek comfortable corners and are lacking social confidence.

Then, there are the kids.
Really, only master 3 is the challenge.  Miss 7 has started to master some manners and social grace.
There are certain places or events we avoid taking master 3 to, as he tends to have a tornado effect where ever he goes.

On Friday night, for instance, we joined family for a counter meal at a local hotel for my Dad's birthday. We ummed and ahhed about taking master 3.
He was quite true to form unfortunately. Wanting to sit on the table or crawl under it, banging loudly and wanting to run around. I have to commend the staff who were still smiling as they guided him out of the gambling area and had to dodge him several times as they delivered meals. It usually ends in a hasty departure, a talk on behaviour and two anxious parents.

Saturday night we were to attend an aunt's 60th at a Golf Club. This had it own pros and cons. Other family would be attending but there were also friends of the aunt whom we didn't know. The club had been hired privately for the event and master 3 could move around a little with less restrictions than a sit down dinner.

For the first part of the night hubby and I did the usual tornado watch. Where has he gone, what is he into?
Master 3 managed to shock us BOTH with his good behaviour and I found myself taking photos in case it was a one event happening. There were balloons to play with, his sister and cousin joining in on the fun, a dance floor, music and dancing which seemed to really fascinate him.
A round of applause after each dance
Keen to watch but not eager to join in

We really did wonder where OUR child was, as THIS little boy was charming, entertaining (in a good way), and overall A WELL BEHAVED CHILD. It made for a surprisingly great night as we started to relax and enjoyed catching up with family and having a good chin wag and a laugh.

Master 3 and Miss 7 had a great time too, and I can proudly say they were a joy to have with us.

Master 3 managed to return to his normal self the next day. But now I know!

I know he has it in him to behave when it suits. He is showing some other behavioural improvements too. Just little ones and slowly does it, but I think he is starting to head in the right direction.
And I'm allowed to get excited by these developments ... right!