Friday, 15 July 2011

Grateful for .... electricity.

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As I snuggled down next to hubby in bed this week, we oooohed and aaaahed at our pre-warmed bed. My lamp beside the bed was on so I could catch up on the daily catalogues. The television in our room was on and hubby was channel surfing. And that's about all I will tell you about our activities in the bedroom that night.
The point of the blog is... electricity.

I was saying to hubby that in the midst of Winter, with snow falling around our valley and a ghastly breeze outside strong enough to blow the milk out of your tea, how we took it for granted that everything is at the flick of a switch.

There is a book I'm wanting to read about a great change to the world that results in people going back to basic practices. The name of the book escapes me at this moment, but I hope it comes to me soon or I won't be able to read it! I think about this often. What if .... suddenly there was no power? What if .... we lost all current forms of communication? This is almost beyond my depth of thought to think I might be without Blogger and Facebook.

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