Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Husband complexity

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My hubby is a complex human being. He is a leader by nature (even his name means leader) but he is happy to learn things from others. He is all serious yet has a quirky sense of humour. He gets stuck into a job (especially one that interests him), but LOVES to kick back and chill.

It was actually his sense of humour that got me thinking about his complexity tonight. I'm not sure if you have one in your household, but my hubby fulfills the role in our house of Constant Torment. He gets great satisfaction from singing the latest annoying TV jingles, until the kids start yelling in total frustration.

One of his latest favourites is the current Daffodil Day ad, "if you" ad which can be seen here. He loves one liners, so if a line in an ad or jingle catches his attention he will use it - constantly. So his favourite to torment the kids with from this ad is "are you bone on the inside and skin on the outside?" This line will come up when they are waiting for an answer to their question, when there is a pause in conversation, or wherever he thinks they need to hear it. The response from them is usually "Dad, stop that".

His favourite jingle is from the Coles ad Prices are down. The problem is, he not only uses this one at home. Most of the time I laugh along as this kids get frustrated with him and try to stop his little repertoire. After all, it is really funny when he just comes out of nowhere with a line or a jingle. Unfortunately for me, this jingle hits a nerve. Maybe it's because he insists on singing it while Doing The Shopping At Coles!

Many would say that my husband is really shy and awkward in public. Those people would be rolling in the aisle to see him doing a little jig behind the trolley and saying in a really loud whisper "Down, down, prices are down". It was funny for me for the first grocery trip. After that, it wasn't so funny as he would go from being super serious and discussing which dish washing liquid we should purchase to suddenly leaning into my face with a deep "Down, down, prices are down". I mean, who is this man, and why is he shopping with me.
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Don't be too shocked. There seems to be something about grocery shopping that makes something click for hubby.  He has been known to spin the trolley around mid-aisle with toddler in it squealing, and turning the trolley around so toddler is looking straight ahead and racing down the aisle. Maybe it's the bright fluorescent lights? Thankfully, by the time we drive home and unpack the groceries hubby has returned to normal.

And, reading back through this I realise that sadly, grocery shopping and television may have to be removed from his allowed activities. Which leaves me to do enjoy them in peace.