Monday, 8 August 2011

Broken friendships

Hubby has reached the point where he tiptoes around silently whenever the parcel delivery van pulls up in our driveway.
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He and the delivery man were getting along really well, as I made sure that they saw each other often. They were making small talk and having a joke, but something happened.
Could it be that they were seing each other too often? Or was it the little comments the delivery man was dropping about the regularity of his visits? Maybe it was the effort the delivery man was putting into their relationship, yet he still had not been invited in for coffee?

photo source
Regardless, hubby has decided it is best that he not answer the door unless he needs to sign for a parcel.

It could be that I am slightly most probably the cause of this problem. I am the one that dropped hubby in this pickle.

I have a small problem ... ONLINE SHOPPING ADDICTION! Aaggghhh!
I am trying to keep it under control - really!

I'm not a huge shopper usually. I dislike sifting through racks and shelves, amongst other people pretending not to be looking at the size you are after or which style you are looking at.  In the past I have been known to detest clothes shopping in particular. I hated shopping for bigger size cothing that didn't feel comfortable in the hot little changerooms.

Some things have changed lately.
I have finally reached a point that I am feeling more comfortable in my skin. Also I have been able to buy clothes in my size and they fit comfortably, right from the start. I can't remember many times in my life that I have been able to put something new on and not feel the need to twist it this way and that or stretch it.
I also have children to buy for now. I have found this much more fun than buying for myself. The clothes are cuter and more colourful. The sizes are more predictable. And the looks on their faces at getting something new is priceless.

The online offers available these days are really good.
I have a list of my favourite online haunts on my blog.

Alas, I feel that hubby and his pal will never get back to their chatty selves.