Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Made it through the challenge! Go me!

10 weeks - A commitment to be active everyday. A chance to improve my health and well being - done and dusted.

I joined the Go Red For Women site and heard about the Healthy Heart Challenge back here.

I enjoy exercise but need constant encouragement.
I know .. is it not encouragement enough to know I am benefiting in many ways when I exercise?
Once I'm doing it - I'm fine, but sometimes I need a push to get out there.

So I recorded my stats of blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. I had just visited the doctor so these things were on hand.

I opted for the Keep Active Everyday choice. There were so many other choices which tempted me, but my real challenge is to get moving. I knew by choosing this option, it would then lead into some of the other choices.

I received an email every week to record my progress in achieving my goal. So this entailed ticking when I exercised and what I did. I mostly walked and cycled, but did a couple of yoga sessions too.  When I working I tried to make use of my lunch break.

As usual, I started strong, then slowed a little, but put some effort in to finish the 10 weeks.
I have been losing weight of late due to anxiety and increased metabolism, but also because I am consciously eating better, nutritious meals and being aware of what I am eating and when.
The 10 weeks did not so much show a great difference in weight loss but in how I felt on the days I exercised. Every article written about anxiety stresses that exercise plays a huge role in treating the disorder. I haven't checked for a change in my cholesterol or blood pressure yet, but am sure that I have made a difference.

I just need to keep it up now.  I'm quite sure I will. I have felt the benefits.

So what now?
Healthy Heart Challenge-done
40 Hour Famine ? We'll see.